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Many people have never had the opportunity to sit down and reflect on what they want out of their career, or why they’ve made certain decisions. This is the perfect time to focus on these issues and work out what your next step should be. By the end of your coaching journey, you’ll feel clearer about what you want, and have a plan how to get it.

Our coaching will cover areas like:
• Assessing your skills and strengths
• Defining career objectives
• Applying for and securing jobs
• Identifying or creating opportunities

We use an approach that’s called ‘self-directed learning’, meaning you’re encouraged to take ownership of your own development. While our coaches share knowledge on things like writing a CV or applying for jobs, they won’t do this for you – as we believe there’s much to be gained from hands-on experience that can stay with you throughout your entire career.

Upon joining, you immediately access our FREE content and coaching platform, plus our networking tools and job listings. Our courses are packaged by hours of coaching and include practical videos and downloads, on career planning and the fundamentals of job search.

The benefits of career coaching are clear and we want it to be accessible to everyone. We spend so much time at work, so knowing what you want, what is available to you, and having a plan of action or gaining new skills will give you the confidence to make the decisions that are right for you.



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