"The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings"

We take people who want change or are impacted by it on a personalised journey of self-discovery that empowers them for the new world of work.

Our story

Founded in 2017, Your New Gig was inspired by a genuine desire to help organisations and people leverage coaching to thrive and grow in the new world of work.

With our team’s combined experience across human resources, coaching and recruitment, we’ve seen the impact that effective career coaching can make.

In our previous roles we have a history of looking into the future so we will always be thinking about relevant, engaging content and how best to deliver and improve our service offering.

Your New Gig is designed around an intuitive, user friendly online experience. Via our platform, people across Australia can tap into quality, personalised advice and support - no matter where they live, what industry they work in, or what career stage they’re at. We are here to empower people with the knowledge and confidence to take their next step.

We’re excited to see what Your New Gig enables people to achieve - and the lives it will change along the way.

What makes us different?

You're In Control

We give our members 'choice', from a coach and the content you wish to cover, to how you want to run your sessions.

We’re Future Focused

We will take you on a journey that covers The Gig Economy, AI, Innovation, Agility & Startups.

We're Digital

Book your coaching sessions, chat online and access a range of content on our accessible portal.

We're Independent

Australian owned and operated, Your New Gig is proud to manage our business in a way that’s ethical, forward thinking and customer-centric.

Our Team

More than just an online platform, Your New Gig is a team of people who all share the same passion for what we do for people.

Phil Martin, CIO
Phil is a qualified Enterprise Architect and has extensive senior management, scrum mastering and delivery management experience. He has a history of delivering projects and partnering with businesses to ensure their success, through his software agency. He has worked at multiple levels across the IT Development hierarchy, from board member to CIO to architect and scrum master and developer, and believes in constant learning and adaptation being the keys to success. He holds a Bachelor of Technology, in Information and Communication systems.
Tim Sprague, Head of Coaching
Tim is responsible for working with a team involved in ensuring the quality of the tools and the coaches we partner with are delivering content and advice that makes a difference . He is a registered psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in HR and 12 years as an HR director. Tim Holds a Bachelor degree in Science and Honours in Psychology, a Masters of Commerce in HR Studies and Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology.
Sharon Mackie Goh, CEO / Chief Customer Officer
Sharon is responsible for working with the Technology team to ensure we are delivering the best features and content to our members. She is also actively involved in working with key existing and new partners with Your New Gig. Through her 30 years of experience in running an executive search and recruitment business, Sharon spent much time, coaching Executives on their careers as well as working with Senior Management on strategies associated with talent acquisition and management.

The One Percent Pledge

We’re all about giving back

Championed by the leaders of companies like Atlassian and Salesforce, the Pledge 1% movement asks companies to donate 1% of their equity, time, product or profit to charity. At Your New Gig, we’re proud to be on board with this fantastic initiative.


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